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Mansfield Toilet Repair Kit Home Depot

This 2 piece Toilet kit comes with a flapper valve and fill tube extension, it makes setting up your new Toilet easy. The kit also includes a face cloth and seat.

Best Mansfield Toilet Repair Kit Home Depot

This kit includes the following: 1, flapper valve assembly 2. Fill valve 3, extension tube 4. 2 in flapper valve assembly for 2 piece Toilet valve & fill tube is work with any 2 piece Toilet that extends a fill valve and an 2-piece Toilet tank, this is a potential kit for a Home improvement project that is related to your home's infrastructure. By inspecting and repairing a common issue with a two-piece Toilet - the fill valve - high-speed mini fill valve, 2 inch flapper Toilet flapper, and 3 extension is will help you and your Home improve, the flapper valve assembly is a key part of this product, and due to the high-quality of its components, it will last and offer good performance for many years. Mini pilot fill valve, overflow extension tube and two inch includes the following components: 1, the flapper valve - the "flapper" in this product 2. The fill valve - the "fill" in this product 3, the tube extension - the "fill tube" in this product 4. The bushing - the "bushing" in this product 5, the screws - the "screws" in this product 6. The wrench - the "wrench" in this product 7, the "flapper" - the "fill" - the "fill valve" in this product 9. The "fill tube" - the "bushing" - the "screws" - the "wrench" - the "fill" - this Home Depot Toilet kit comes with an 2, 25 inch Toilet flapper valve assembly. The assembly is needed to repair or replace a broken or stained toilet, this Home Depot Toilet kit includes an 2. This is a terrific kit to have in your kitchen or office to help keep your Toilet flushed and ready for when you are day to day use it.