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Hi Lift Jack Repair Kit

If you're having trouble getting your cast Hi Lift Jack to rise higher than the top of the vanilla milk can, we've got you covered, our kit includes a number of tools and supplies that you can use to fix your issue. So, get in there and get started, and we'll help you get through this like nobody's business.

High Lift Jack Repair Kit

Are you having trouble lifting heavy objects? If so, you may be scouring at a problem that requires to find a new high-lift jack, to find and fix your problem, you need a repair kit. The high Lift Jack repair kit is an excellent surrogate for an admirer wanting for help getting along without the weight of their home or business, the kit comes complete with all the necessary tools and parts, so you can get back to your life. This kit includes all the parts you need to fix your Hi Lift jack, the kit comes with an instruction booklet and is compatible with Hi Lift jacks with port. This fix-it kit is designed to restores a hi-lift Jack to work order, assuming that able to do so without the help of a mechanic, the kit contains the necessary tools and supplies to complete the restore. This kit contains the key parts components for servicing all hi-lift ja-2 and ja-3 machines, it includes the Jack fk-1 -key parts components components for servicing all hi-lift ja. -vibrant red paint for facile repair, -for use with: -hi-lift Jack fk-1 -ja-2 and ja-3 machines.